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This is a group for those lucky people that have the luxury of swimming year round in their swimming pool depending on many factors of course.  Is your swimming pool heated?  Are you located in northern or southern Florida?  Do you use solar panels to heat your pool or a solar blanket?  A gas or propane heater?  What is it like keeping your water chemistry balanced, and in what climate; Atlantic or Gulf Coast??  These are all great topics of disucssion that pool owners can come together and swap ideas, tips, tricks, how-to's, etc.  So don't be shy, open the discussion, who knows, you just might be corresponding with a neighbor?  From another state?  Registration is simple and private...so login and start your own group!  Dive in to the discussion!

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What is the capped spare 2" pipe on my inground pool for?
Posted 12/1/2017 8:38:48 AM by Anonymous    Reply
Guys, At the deep end of the pool, outside the cage, we have a capped 2" pipe. Its in between the pool light junction box and the pool jet tee vent. Where do they usually run this pipe? I have seen it on many in ground pools in Florida. It is not the overflow pipe, because we have one marked as such in the same location. Thank you for your time, MAKeller

Spa water level does not maintain
Posted 4/16/2010 9:05:55 AM by Anonymous    Reply
How do you adjust the water height in a built in below ground spa built within the pool?

Test you pool or spa water online!
Posted 3/16/2010 11:24:53 PM by Anonymous    Reply
go to www.poolwatertesting.com.au and use Aquachek test strips to get all your answers

Water chemisty
Posted 5/30/2009 6:17:52 PM by Anonymous    Reply
I live in Northwest Florida. My above groud pool started out 3 weeks ago very green and you could not see the bottom.(No winter maintenance) I kept shocking the pool with liquid chlorine and vaccuming the pool( Was advised by a local pool store to pour this stuff in that would clump the dead algea together) what a mess! Long story short, finaly the pool water is crystal clear and I dumped 5 gals of liquid chlorine in on Wednesday. I took a sample of crystal clear pool water to the pool store--- They said the total alkalinity is 70 and should be 100-150, there is no chlorine and need to pour in 5 gals of liquid chlorine, Calcuim Hardness is 50 and should be 200-3500 I need 50 lbs of Calcium chloride, and finally 14 lbs of conditioner stabilizer. Is all of this really necessary? My pool water looks fine- I mean I just poured 5 gallens of liquid chlorine in 3 dqays ago.

John G. 6/8/2009 12:43:31 PM    Reply
it sounds like you were given good advice. but, never add all those chemicals at once.
In-ground pool, chemistry balanced, clear sludge/foam floating on top
Posted 4/16/2009 7:27:00 PM by Anonymous    Reply
What would cause a perfectly balanced pool to have clear goop/foam at the top. Lots of sun, chemistry tests are good, solids being vac'd out. Any ideas?

John G. 4/30/2009 10:47:03 AM    Reply
If you can, turn the suction on the main drain down, and increase skimmer flow. Also, try some foam remover available at your local pool supply store

Posted 1/19/2009 8:56:32 AM by .    Reply
Yes it is easy to replace..you don't need to pay a proffessional pool tech to do this.

Pool Inexperienced
Posted 1/7/2009 9:05:39 PM by Anonymous    Reply
I live in sw florida on gulf coast. Have 12,000 gal in ground pool. Does anyone know if it is easy to replace an auto relief tube in a Hayward star clear II cartridge filter system. The auto relief tube replacement part is less the $10.00 on line, or do I need a professional?

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