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WEB LOGS: A Blog is kind  of like a One Way Forum. Users can view Posts, and reply to Posts, they just can't start their own Post (see Pool Talk) . View our President's Blog (woo-hoo!), for high quality pool care and repair content that you can use. User feedback is encouraged! Coming soon!  Our blog was one of the first, and is the largest swimming pool blog on the planet! Tell us how you feel! C'mon, don't be shy! Really shout it out!   Click here to view Pool Blog!


HOW TO ARTICLES: Since ol' '96,  POOLCENTER.com has been committed to building our knowledge base of Best Pool Practices. Some of our Pool Info articles are our most viewed web pages, with thousands of page views per day. Organized by Category and fully searchable, Dive into our How To Pool Articles. We tell you how to do it, so you can do it yourself!  All Pool Info pages are wiki-able in Pool Wiki!  Click here to browse the original pool information pages.


POOL VIDEOS: We sort of borrowed the Logo from YouTube (we hope Google won't mind) - Funny Pool Videos, How-To Pool Videos, Product Demonstrations and Information Videos. With broadband on the rise, video has become an effective means of teaching, training or just entertaining.  Browse and view our pool videos, openly discuss, or register and submit your own!


POOL GLOSSARY: Built on top of our popular Lingo & Lexicon page, our Pool Wiki is your interactive swimming pool wictionary and wiki-fied article database. A Wiki is simply an editable database that allows users to update content (like Wikipedia). Don't like our defintion of pH? Change it! Start a Revolution! In the open-source spirit that built the internet, we invite you to participate, collaborate and educate each other!  Login, then Dive In!


SUPPORT CENTER: Where frequently asked questions are answered frequently. Support Center answers the most commonly asked questions that could otherwise be answered online with a little keyword searching. While we offer assistance with placing your order 24/7-365 via 877-766-5287, we are aware that sometimes you need to have your questions answered while online without having to spend time calling us to provide you with an answer that is most likely available online within Support Center.


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