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AquaCheck Test Strips
Do test strips really work?


Yes. Test strips were developed in the medical diagnostic industry in the 1960's. Since that time, they have replaced liquid reagent tests for urine and blood testing. AquaChek Test Strips use that same technology.


How accurate are they?


Test strips are at minimum comparable in accuracy to liquid color comparator tests. Because AquaChek test strips are more convenient, we believe they actually deliver greater accuracy. They reduce the chances of human error associated with liquid kits, which require measuring samples and counting drops of reagent.


What information supports the accuracy of test strips?


AquaChek test strips are manufactured and released against standard reference procedures from the 17th Edition of Standard Methods For the Examination of Water and Waste Water.


Is DPD more accurate?


The DPD test for chlorine can be affected by interferences, such as an overabundance of mono-chloramines or potassium mono-persulfate (used for shock-treating pools). These can give a false positive reading for free chlorine with the DPD chemistry. Recognized technical studies are available to support these claims. In addition, the DPD test requires careful technique and several steps to get the best test.


What is the shelf life?


We will ship product from our factory with no less than 24 months shelf life (18 months for AquaChek Silver and AquaChek Green). Test strips have at least 24 months dating from the time of manufacture. Poolcenter.com guarantees the freshest test strips to it's customers.


Can more values for each test be added to color charts?


There would not be enough color differentiation between the values. This would make it difficult for the user to make a decision when comparing the test strip to the color patches on the label.


What is the difference between AquaChek and the other pool and spa test strips available on the market?


AquaChek is the top-selling brand of pool and spa test strips in the world. AquaChek test strips undergo stringent release qualification. Constant monitoring of the manufacturing process ensures that the finest test strips are available for your use.


Do I need to test as frequently with test strips?


Yes. We suggest testing both ends of the pool a minimum of 2 times a week, and spas before each use.


Can test strips be used after the expiration date?


No. Test strips should be discarded when the expiration date on the bottle label is reached. This ensures the user they are getting reliable results.


Are test strips less accurate after the expiration date?


If the test strips are handled and stored properly, they should give reliable results through the expiration date on the bottle label. It is impossible to determine how reliable the results will be after the expiration date has passed.