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Prevent Laser Perimeter Pool Alarm I

Perimeter alarms are great, but Prevent isn't the best choice anymore.

Laser is dangerous to the eyes. Setup mode allows possible eye injury to children.

The Bottom Line
Doesn't come with an indoor alarm. Under equipped for the money & oversensitive compared to an infrared.

Prevent's Laser system may seem "high tech", but it's not the safest alternative. The power of the laser beam is strong enough to damage the retina of the eye and emit radiation. The system also has limitations with regard to the indoor alarm. First of all, you pay extra for it. Secondly, it's hard wired to the poolside components which means you have 100' of wire running up to & into your home to the indoor panel; very ugly. They used to have a laser data link to the indoor panel, but it could only be mounted inside a window so they changed it recently. Finally, the laser system is overly sensitive. If emitters or reflectors get bumped, realignment is tough. Also, the beams can't tell the difference between a child & a falling leaf or a bird or a bug. No variable sensitivity whatsoever. My e-pinion is to go with infrared light beams. You get the same perimeter protection & beam range, but lots of extras. From Millenium Electronics 2, Inc(www.me2products.com), you can get the I.R. perimeter system, including the indoor alarm which is wireless radio frequency activated, a remote control (also RF) all for $695. The same system from Prevent's website is $824 and you have the worries of Laser injury to the eyes. The same system from ME2 also works for above ground pools, spas, & hot tubs. Infrared is all around us in the ambient light spectrum, we just can't see it. It is as harmless as a flashlight and it can tell the difference between a child & a falling leaf. The beams have variable sensitivity and won't false alarm like laser systems do. You get more system features & options, a completely safe low voltage system that plugs right into the wall both indoors & out, and all for 15% less money. Check them out. Also, their system is patented, so don't purchase any substitutes. ME2 is the only name for Infrared Perimeter Pool Alarms. Again, perimeter alarms are the only option because once the child is in the water it's too late. Go the extra 5% of the cost of a pool and get an alarm that will actually make a difference in your child or grandchild's life without the dangers associated with lasers.