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Prevent Laser Perimeter Pool Alarm II

A security system that you can master.

someone can step over the laser beam

The Bottom Line
This is a great alarm system.

Over the summer I figured I needed a pool security system. It was a hot summer night and me and my wife were asleep. It must have been about 5 in the morning when all of the sudden my wife was shaking me and telling me to get up. When I awakened I heard splashes and noises coming from my backyard. I went downstairs and looked out our patio door only to see five men and three ladies skinny dipping in my pool. I was outraged at the site. I ran to my bedroom and grabbed my gun, then came right downstairs and bolted out the door, when they saw me running at them with a gun they all took off, some without their clothes. The next day I burned their clothes and went to the store to buy a pool alarm. I bought this Laser pool alarm system and set it up that day. About two weeks later, I was up watching TV at about 3a.m. when I heard a loud sound screaming from the backyard, It was my alarm going off, and as I looked out the window I saw people taking off away from my pool. That was the last time anyone ever tried that again.