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Polaris 380 In Ground Pool Cleaner I

When we first moved into a house with a pool I spent long hours happily cleaning the pool. Then when the 'newness' wore off and my arms were ultra sore I went looking for help! At first we hired a company to clean our pool once a week, but it only looked nice for a few days and then I was back out there scrubbing and cleaning out leaves.

A friend recommended a Polaris and when I found out how much they cost I was honestly taken back! ( The Polaris that we bought needed a separate booster pump also. ) After the shock of the price wore off, I was VERY HAPPY with the job that the Polaris did and the ease of getting the unit in and out of the water.

The Polaris is a "vacuum unit" that operates with a catch bag and pressurized water from the booster pump that enters and is immediately jetted out the tail. This water pressure causes its "tail" ( sweep hose with a scrubber at the end ) to sweep back and forth behind it to brush loose any fine dirt on the bottom that is then filtered out by the skimmer. This little guy vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls. He even climbs the steps! The large bottom opening picks up larger debris like leaves and pebbles. It will also suck up any small toys that your kids leave in the pool -- I have found Hot Wheels many times in his cleaner bag!

I only wish we would have gotten the little guy sooner! People compliment us all the time on how clean our pool is. The Polaris coupled with solid advice on which chemicals to add and when will make your pool sparkling clean!

If the pool is really dirty, it takes him at the longest 3 hours. If company is coming over or the lawn mower sprayed grass into the pool it only takes him about 45 minutes to do the job.

The Polaris has several bags styles to choose from - an all purpose bag, a sand and silt bag and a larger leaf bag

We had the unit serviced this summer after 2 years. The sweeper hose scrubber and filter bag were replaced.