Pool Community

Dear Sirs:
Just wanted to write to you to say how pleased I am with your product "Fix a Leak"
I have a 17,000 gallon 16x32 in ground 40 plus year old concrete pool that was leaking down about 4 inches a day when I opened it this year (BIG LEAK). I looked all over for the source of the leak but could not find it.  
I ordered two bottles of your "Fix a Leak" to see if it would help. I followed the instructions and used the first bottle. I circulated it for about 24 hours then shut everything down and let the pool sit for 48 hours. I filled it back up and to my amazement, no more leak! It has been holding for about three days now so I hope this will prove to be a long term cure! I am going to hang onto that second bottle for the future at this point just in case. I still do not know where my leak was, but "Fix a Leak" found it and seems to have taken care of it just as it promised it would!
Thanks for a wonderful,  most useful product! 
Daniel O'Brien