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Sub Jumpa - Underwater Pogo-Stick - Exercise!

Pool Systems USA

Pool Systems USA Sub Jumpa Underwater Pogo Stick was voted by IPSE attendees at the best new product at last November's show in Orlando, Fla. The Aqua-Glow Floating Light Assortment, from Great American Merchandise & Events (GAME), was voted second and Mart Products' Ostrich 3N1 Beach & Patio Chair finished third.
Posted: April 2008.

With 73 new products displayed, attendees were able to vote for their Best New Product, with the Pool Systems USA’s Sub Jumpa Underwater Pogo Stick winning the coveted award. Great AmericanMerchandise GAME took second place for its Aqua Glow Floating Lights, with Mart Productsfinishing in third place for its Ostrich 3N1 Beach & Patio Chair.

With the Pool Sub Jumper you can bounce off the pool wall and floor. Practice and perform stunning underwater stunts. The big 9" diameter ball fills with water and features a platform and a ball on top to stand and hold with your feet. Grab the handle and bounce around the pool. Measures 36" tall. Show off for your friends with the many amazing tricks you can do with Sub Jumpa! Tricks include: - Barrel Roll  - two different 360 Underwater Spin  - Kickflip Crossup  - Off the Wall and many many more! See how many you can come up with!!!!