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Would you reccomend a salt generator pool system? Is it the least expensive after initial purchase of system? Can it damage your equipment? How do the electronics of this system hold up?

The SWG units work very well in swimming pools as the sanitizer. The water quaility is improved as the it is more comfortable for swimmers, no harsh side effects as some people with sensitive may have irritation after they leave the pool and they are drying off. There have been some issues with certain pools especially if the bonding of the pool structure and the pool equipment is not done corect. There have also been some issues withoxidation of certain metal parts in the pool. Such as thge heater, hand rails, ladder rails and lights. To prevent any problem, if you do decide to add a SWG unit, there are what is called a sacrificial anode that can be easily plumbed into the return line after filtering to prevent any of the above.

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