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I have a spa and kiddie pool that are higher than the main pool. When the pump shuts off both are draining into the main pool. I have had 3 pool companies check things out and they have replaced the Ortega valves and say that nothing else is leaking. They all say there must be a one-way valve under the decking for the spa and kiddie pool. Do pool builders really build things that could fail under the deck? where else should I look before taking out cement? This is very frustrating and has only been happening for about 5 weeks now. Before that everything seemed fine because I have a line of calcium buildup to prove that the spa and kiddie pool were holding their water.

It is obvious that one valave is leaking..I find it hard to believe that a builder would have put a valve under ground without having access to it. A valve will fail sometime along the way, no valve is going to last forever. However, you never know what a builder will do during construction...It doesn't take a whole lot for a valve to fail, usually it is a crack in the housing  or a "o" ring failure. I would try to talk to the builder if at all possible prior to ripping up any concrete deck...Maybe have the service company do a pressure test to try to isolate what might be leaking to allow the upper bodies of water to drain down as they have.

I would still look at the above ground system for a crack or "o" ring failure ..double check anything that has "o" rings or gaskets.

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