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Have a Jandy Ray-Vac and the whip, part # R0373400 (obsolete now, apparently) broke off about 6 inches from the tip. Can not locate a replacement whip. Is there any way to repair the whip (re-connect it)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Johnnie

Probably you can repair it, using an plastic, barbed insert type repair coupling. Trim the edges of the hose with scissors, and then go to home depot or other hardware store to find the right size of barbed insert fitting, very small, that will fit very tightly inside the hose, to join the two sections together. Use zip ties to clamp around the hose to prevent pressure from separating the connection point. No repair kit available, but you should be able to find a small connector, near where you find the vinyl hosing, in a home store or hardware store.


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