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Question on the de filter I purchased a new one and when I put the diatomaceous earth in The earth is shooting back into the pool

Hi; there are several possibilities for why DE is bypassing the grids, and coming back into the pool. 1. If it only shoots back when you add the DE, but stops shortly thereafter, it could be a problem with the filter valve, either multiport or push-pull valve. Spider gasket issues in the MPV or o-ring problems in the push-pull. 2. Loose filter grid assembly. the thru bolts not tightened fully, and allowing DE to seep in around the top of the grid where it connects to the manifold. 3. cracked manifold, loose or missing air sock or air bleeder strainer 4. new filter valve plumbed incorrectly; PUMP - RETURN - WASTE 5. Other... Hope that helps...

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