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I bought a new 21 inch sand filter installed it installed the 225lbs of sand backwashed pool rinsed and put back in filtration turned pump on great flow for about 10 mins then flow slows almost off ive changed my pump backwashed rinsed great flow for about 10 min then slows to almost off both baskets are clean of debris any ideas.

Hello - are you confident that the sand was #20 silica sand, graded to .45-.55 mm in size? If the bag said "Pool Filter Sand" - you are surely OK... second possible cause is too much sand, or too little. The tank should be about 2/3 full of sand, not completely full, 225 lbs sounds about right for a 21 inch tank.... third thought is that the pump is too small for the filter, not usually a concern, unless it's a very small pump, like 1/2 hp or something... fourth thought is that there is something in the water that is clogging the filter, like out of control algae, alum floc, or heavy oils... finally, did you plumb the valve correctly? the port labeled PUMP should be connected to the pump, RETURN should connect to the return line... if plumbed backwards, it will exhibit the problem you describe.

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